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I'm a serial entrepreneur, speaker and business consultant.

Do what you're passionate about. Owning, running or managing a businesses should be an enjoyable experience. All the businesses I'm involved with are fun and meaningful, have awesome team culture, run efficiently and are viable.

If you're just starting out, well established, big, small or corporate I'd like to hear from you. Aside from offering a range of practical, real world business development services (which make life fun and business smooth), I'd like to hear your business story, connect you into different networks which might enrich and enhance your business success.

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Motivational Speaking

Overcoming Obstacles to Get Sh!t Done – 40min talk

A serial entrepreneur, Tristan has started and runs several fun and successful businesses all of which have a purpose to empower others. He now consults, speaks and advises businesses while continuing to disrupt industries both here in New Zealand and overseas from blockchain technology to sustainability.

Given just two weeks to live at birth, Tristan developed the resilience to adapt and overcome many obstacles throughout life. By developing his strengths and understanding his weaknesses he has applied these philosophies toward business.

Being persistent and never one to follow the crowd he learnt many businesses lessons on the journey. However it wasn’t until finding true business purpose that things really started taking off.

Tristan will take your audience on a personal journey of building resilience, how this translates into business persistence, being agile and never giving up. How to embrace patience and find success through understanding true purpose in life, and how this directly affects business and community.

If your organisation or team is wanting motivation around resilience, perseverance and patience, and how this applies directly to personal life, business and community – you can’t go past Tristan’s Overcoming Obstacles To Get Sh!t Done talk.

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